Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels - scary but hardly unexpected

Brussels - scary (at least 35 dead, can be more) but hardly unexpected. We are all in a remarkable state of war where the enemy is hidden, as they so often been when we talk about guerrilla warfare. But now we must part once again see the consequences of the disastrous US invasion of Iraq (see the emergence of IS/Daesh) and with branches in Syrian civil war with IS Caliphate suicide entrepreneurs. These opponents are armed with perhaps the most effective weapons platform imaginable - fellows who turn themselves into deadly missiles. Against such help no known radar - possibly one could have artificial "dog sniffs" deployed as did the smell of explosives, and who then alerted immediately. But we'll have more details when this network possible. rolled up. On one level, I become a little puzzled puzzled by all the security tightening taking after an attack. Certainly there got that technique where the first blast and then waits so that the curious characters will flock around the attack site and then look to the shooting of a bomb, but the time span between the teams is not the day, much less weeks ... it usually up to a half hour. How likely is it - as so often - quiet now after Brussels attacks go there knowing that the risk of Brussels is not bigger than the one in Stockholm - perhaps rather the opposite because those who were in Brussels now fulfilled their mission. It is a paradox of many of the now-terrible in Brussels. We'll see if this had happened favor or disadvantage Donald Trump in the US election campaign. Maybe maybe not. Trump has no clue about the roots of this type of activities and his respons is just stupid. He is a dangerous man for the World. The sad part is probably that we will have to live with such violence like this now i Brussels for a generation I suspect. And the endless disaster of war in the Middle East mainly because of Bush and Cheney. We should also not forget that most victims harvests terrorism, however, in poor and fragile states and in the context of military conflicts. In a world growing together we must preven threats of this kind with even more intensive international cooperation. An effective intelligence and police cooperation is essential, but it is not enough. In order to prevent violent extremism, we must also fight against discrimination and inequality. That is our only option two build a better and safer World. /Robert Björkenwall in Stockholm PS. By the way, have you read this?About Trump his thinking. Soon standing against Clinton in November: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/03/21/a-transcript-of-donald-trumps-meeting-with-the-washington-post-editorial-board/?tid=pm_opinions_pop_b


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