Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton might be US next president after Obama

As since long has been no bigger surprise Hillary Clinton no will announce her long-expected bid to become the next US President after Obama. She was a good Secretary of State during Obam`s first administration and about that period she has written in her memoirs “Hard Choices”. I think that she would make a fine President, but she has first to win the Democratic nomination first (which should be easy) and then the more difficult contest with a Republican opponent (maybe Jeb Bush and that might well bea bit harder). As said in the “Observer” newspaper piece on April 12th: 2015: “… will … the 18-month campaign to follow, be enough to reset voters’ opinions of Clinton, which have barely shifted over nearly 25 years of the Clintonland experience? It will be up to her clean-cut, 35-year-old political director, Robby Mook, to steer the candidate away from the campaign misadventure that doomed her 2008 effort to establish the Clintons as a dynastic political enterprise. The Vermont-born Mook will be the first openly gay manager of a major presidential campaign. He takes the reins of the campaign with a track record as a low-key but formidable political operative. Clinton advisers anticipate that he is close enough to the Clinton inner circle to be trusted, but experienced enough to challenge negative aspects of the Clinton package, from political self-entitlement to the blurred boundaries of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.” I think the chances for Hillary Clinton as US next president never have been better than this time. Much so also because she better prepared than in when Obama won an took office in White House and also because the Republican side does not look that strong and impossible to beat in the final round in November 2016. Robert Björkenwall;


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